Guillermo del Toro

Netflix and DreamWorks Animation have already buddied up with a multi-year deal, but the two companies are committing to even more content in the coming years. That means in addition to shows such as Dragons: Race to the Edge, the animation studio will release several other new originals on Netflix, including a reimagining of Voltron, and a new series from Guillermo del Toro called Trollhunters.

The del Toro series is expected to release sometime this year, and follow a pair of friends who discover a completely new world under their hometown. That’s about all we know about the show thus far, but if it’s coming from the twisted mind of del Toro, you can expect plenty of weirdness. The director is known for creating outlandish and macabre worlds, so Trollhunters will certainly be a show to look out for.

Other new series will be created as well, including shows based on future (and current) IP. Could we get a show based on just the Minions? Sure isn’t out of the realm of possibility. As of now, Netflix subscribers can enjoy shows such as The Adventures of Puss in Boots and Dinotrux, among others.

As part of the new agreement, Netflix subscribers will also get to watch films that fall under the DreamWorks Animation library. Here are the shows we’re looking forward to most on Netflix this year.