Warning: The tweet in this story from Guillermo del Toro contains profanity.

During The Game Awards last night, three major things happened that relate to this story. First, famed developer Hideo Kojima was awarded the Industry Icon award. Ceremony host Geoff Keighley praised the man lavishly, and directly referenced Konami's treatment of the developer during the speech about the award itself.

Second, Kojima revealed real time footage of his first game as an independent (seen at the head of this post) called Death Stranding.

Third, Guillermo del Toro appeared in the trailer, a reveal in and of itself.

During the awards, del Toro tweeted this.

del Toro is connected to Konami because of his past with Hideo Kojima. The pair had always wanted to make a game together, and that looked like it would finally happen with Silent Hills. When Konami pulled the plug and ditched Kojima, del Toro lost what was easily his best shot at doing what he wanted to do at the time.

The tweet, while crass, makes sense.

He's angry at Konami, so what?

This backlash against Konami is not new. It's come from game press and fans alike, and Konami deserves a lot of it as they move their business away from actual video games and directly into the likes of real estate and pachinko parlors.

Granted, companies in Japan do this sort of thing, and I can remember seeing Konami's actual gyms when I was in the country five years ago.

Still, Konami's treatment of industry veteran and loved creator Hideo Kojima was horribly disrespectful. Company or not, Konami essentially tossed Kojima out like rotten fruit, and the industry won't forget it.

So, when Guillermo del Toro, a prolific talent in the film industry, takes to Twitter to put Konami on blast, it serves as a remember of how colossally they messed up.

Does Konami deserve it?