Let’s face it. Guile is a cool character and all, but the real reason we want him in Street Fighter V is for another remix of that awesome theme song! This latest rendition doesn’t let us down either. I’m digging it.

As for the gameplay in the latest trailer, Guile is still using the same fighting moves he’s been pulling off since the early 90s. You’d think opponents might have caught on by this point. Sonic Boom! Flash Kick! And don’t forget to toss in his typical spinning kicks, punches, foot-sweeps, and uppercuts. Man, I never noticed how much his guy spins.

Guile will be available for free until Capcom gets its Zenny shop up and running, so be sure to snatch him up before then. Season pass users also will get his Air Force Stage for free, which means more opportunities to hear the rockin’ theme song!

No release date on the April update just yet, but the window is closing pretty quickly, isn’t it?