Among the tablets we’ve seen over the years, this mysterious device is perhaps one of the more tragically underappreciated—even more so than Microsoft’s Surface RT. It may have been the timing, and the competition, but it sure didn’t last long despite a high-profile marketing campaign. When it did get discontinued not long after launching, it sure went out in a blaze of glory, too. It’s a lasting remnant that proves even good, quality devices can be massive failures. And this one failed spectacularly.

I’m not going to bother sharing specs, because that would give too much away. I won’t say that it ran one of the more exciting operating systems of the mobile era, and also had the ability to load two other OSes as well. The device itself, when it launched, was expensive, though on par with the competition; its build quality wasn’t quite up to snuff, however, especially when compared to a device like the iPad.

It’s funny to think about this device, and to look back and wonder where it all went wrong. More than anything, the device’s failure was a perfect storm of mishandlings. The company responsible for releasing the device, well past its prime and unable to catch up with its more innovative peers, priced the mystery tab out of contention, while simultaneously suffocating its mobile OS to death. In addition, Apple’s iPad was at its peak popularity, and offered a much larger ecosystem, too. It’s too bad, because the device did a lot of things right, and could’ve evolved into much more.

If you’ve seen this device in person, it’s not very difficult to pick out. I know people will guess it pretty easily, but I thought it’d be a fun one to look back on and reminisce about. Even today, there’s a lot to like about this tab—surprisingly its app store is still alive and kicking—but unfortunately we’ll never fully know its maximum potential.

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