If you were on Verizon back in 2010, chances are you purchased this device. Or wished you did. For its time, this was one of the more sought after handsets around, and sported the kind of flagship specs that warranted such attention. And it was beautiful, sporting a slick and angular design that was slim, and felt good in the hand. The right amount of heft, and a size very manageable when devices were just toying with the idea of getting bigger. Not to mention it came with an 8-megapixel camera, which some big flagships today still have.

Being on Verizon, this device sported the typical design cues familiar from what was becoming a burgeoning partnership. You can clearly see one aspect in particular among the above pictures. And how about those physical buttons? The Android market has evolved quite a bit over the past few years; you wouldn’t see that kind of thing (save for a home button) on a big flagship handset.

It’s fun uncovering old handsets you could still see yourself using today. They’re like forgotten treasures. This came out at a time when Android was still in its early adolescents, but it was more than capable of keeping pace with the competition, and definitely deserved a spot in your pocket.

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