Many companies have attempted phones aimed at young people. Some successful, others less so. At a time when manufacturers were still trying to crack the insolvable iPhone puzzle, this device suddenly hit the scene—and man was it strange. In a sea of weird clone devices, this handset was nothing if not unique. It was as though someone went to nearby pond, picked up a skipping stone, and said, "A-ha, this design is perfect." It ended up just being awkward.

When you consider devices today have gravitated toward the phablet spectrum, it's interesting to see how far off base this was. I supposed at the time it was daring, and the maker should be applauded for trying something knew. But can you imagine something like this being marketed today? People would be scratching their heads. And rightfully so, because the thing is hilariously small. Something like the Note 3 would eat this device for breakfast.

The great thing about this device, though, aside from its strange design, was its OS, which definitely took a new approach. Things were put into neat panels—feeds, social media, etc.—allowing you to easily scroll from side to side, with emphasis on messaging. You could sync with Twitter! Facebook! MySpace! Oh my. Was it a small glimpse of what was to come?

The colors stood out, the design went against the grain, and the ideas were wacky. But that's what was so charming about the device. Everyone knows what it is, which is either a good or bad thing, depending on your view. If you owned one of these, how did you like the experience?

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