You don’t have to be a die hard fan of this company to know precisely which model you see above. When we came across it in our office last week, Jon got really excited. Ask him about it and he’ll tell you a funny story about the lengths he went to to buy it. And, just between you and me, Jon openly admitted he used this phone with a belt clip.

When I hold and see a device this old, it makes me really appreciate how far the market has come. I mean, we’re on to 2K screens, 41-megapixel cameras and some really amazing specs. Back then this was considered a powerhouse, something admired and desired by tech geeks; people like Jon, who has some great memories of this phone.

I don’t imagine you’re struggling to figure out which company made the device above. But the trick is figuring out the exact model and carrier that offered it. If you immediately know what device this was based on the above images, congrats. My knowledge of older devices is pretty limited; I love tech, but I only loved it so much growing up. And when this phone originally came out, I had zero need for it—nor would I have been able to afford it in the first place.

Maybe a fun (cruel) thing would be making Jon use this device for a month. I don’t think it would even work.

Last week’s Guess the Phone was the Moto X (2013).