Against all odds, this company over the last year has found an audience that just keeps on growing. And with such a solid family of devices, it’s not hard to see why—there are plenty more where that came from, too, though one has to wonder if that’s the last we’ll see of the company as we know it today; next year could be completely different.

The device above no doubt contributed its share toward this company’s success, but I certainly wouldn’t consider it a flagship model—more mid-range than anything, which is about right considering what other devices from this company were out. This is only from a year ago; you’re forgiven if you’ve already forgotten about it. Compared to other devices from this company, there’s not much to distinguish it from the crowd; you wouldn’t instantly know it belongs in that family the way you would the company’s other handsets.

That doesn’t make it a bad smartphone, because it wasn’t. It had an excellent, solid design, and it was in a size range I personally consider ideal. When the handset came out, Windows Phone was still finding its footing (it still is), so that was about the only thing holding the device back; that and the curious pricing, which was more expensive than its famous older brother.

About a year later, the company is on to bigger—literally—and better things, but for how much longer? That remains to be seen. But when all is said and done, will the company be remembered most for its solid mid-range efforts like this one, or for its more flagship devices that could go up against the iPhones and Galaxies?