I wasn’t impressed by the specs, or the speed, or even by the camera. But this phone, starting in 2013, offered such a great experience that those shortcomings didn’t even matter. This device introduced a new approach that quietly made this company the best OEM working today. And with its next device on the way, I still believe this company is way under-appreciated.

Last year’s effort was just as smart as the one in 2013, but it’s true it didn’t quite reach the heights of the first; it’s always difficult to make a worthy sequel. Even without using the device, we pretty much already know what to expect. We just need to get our hands on the hardware to see if the upgrades were actually worth it, or if the company is simply trying to keep up with the competition.

One thing’s for sure: the leather option is still one of the prettiest out there, especially with some wear and tear. Getting my hands on this device after having reviewed it last year, I’m impressed by the build quality, and think it’s a pretty comfortable size; not too big or too small. That’ll be one of the bigger questions with this year’s follow up: is the increase in size going to affect usability?

Maybe so, but you can bet the software experience will more than make up for it. And that not so great camera will supposedly be the best there is. We’ll see about that when the device launches next month.