We’re just days away from seeing Google unveil Android 4.4 KitKat, so we thought it’d make sense to recall another tasty mobile treat that was popular all the way back in 2006. This device is insanely old; I’m surprised it’s possible to remember this far back. When it launched, the handset was heralded for its smart design—the slide function still pops with satisfaction—and solid performance. It also got plenty of praise for its one megapixel camera. Now we have smartphones with 41-megapixel sensors.

Funny how the company that designed this mystery phone might also be in charge of an upcoming device that has the potential to be the best one this year. It just goes to show how rapidly the market has evolved in such a short time, and how things have a funny way of coming full circle. When this mystery device hit stateside, it was already impressing over in Europe and Asia, so there was plenty of hype involved. For the most part, it performed admirably and had an excellent design (at the time). It also didn’t feature a speakerphone.

Slider phones—and phones described as “music phones”—are essentially relics of a bygone era; it’s all about giant touch screens dominated by complex and powerful operating systems these days. Having such available access to some of today’s most popular smartphones, it’s funny to hold and inspect a phone like this. It’s light, small and looks “premium”—as premium as phones could look in 2006. The slider function is still snappy, and the keys have held up quite well. Basically, it’s like every other indestructible dumb phone from years past. This one, however, tasted just a little bit better than most.

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