It’s amazing how quickly our opinions change. When this device (and the iteration before it) launched, people lauded its design and next-gen specs. Today, this device would be considered mid-range, and maybe even low-end by folks who obsess over the very latest.

This device was one of the market’s favorites when it first launched; never mind its specs, the device was exquisitely built, implementing a nice soft touch back, thin frame, and terrific display. The company that made the device consistently offers some of the best screen in mobile. The only issue folks had with this handset was that it hit not long after the original was made available—it highlighted the very worst of the spec war, which was at its height just a few short years ago.

But more than just the evolution of specs, the mobile market evolved as a whole, on to such things as bigger screens, which is another telling reason why people moved on so quickly from this device. However, it left one of the biggest impressions, not only because it was smartly built, but because it was a nice combination of design, specs and experience, which was what the market sometimes lacks in the thick of a spec war.

Last week’s Guess the Phone was the LG Optimus G Pro.