I’m not even going to pretend like you guys won’t guess this. I’ve done some easy devices before—it’s harder to fool people than you think—but this one is probably the easiest. I know, you probably guessed it from the title, or the featured image. But. But! Since we’re on the horizon of seeing another addition to this prestigious smartphone lineup, I thought, “Hey, why not?” It’s because I’m excited—lay off me.

This really, extremely mysterious lineup of devices has always been solid, great even. And this is the device that really made people start noticing that, ok, maybe we should take it seriously. It set the stage, if you will, for what could potentially be the best Android device we’ll see all year. Handling it just not to take pictures, it still feels pretty wonderful, and I’m still fond of devices in that size range.

Many people still probably use this device without batting an eye. For its purpose, where it exists in the Android pantheon, it’s still very good and perfectly usable as a daily driver—it was designed to be that way, not as something you get for blazing specs. I used its successor for a long time this year and absolutely loved it—if it weren’t for the Moto X,I’d still be using it. I’m very tempted by what we’ll be seeing very soon, especially if it turns out the way the leaks suggest.

But that’s neither here nor there. Have you guys guessed the phone yet? Probably not. I’ll make sure next week’s isn’t as challenging.