There was a lot of debate over whether this phone was worth the hype when it first launched. We argued it was exactly how a smartphone should be built, and a lot of other journalists agreed. Not only did it offer a cool design (and customizability options), but it introduced some incredible software tweaks, which to this day still hold up.

It just shows that this company’s approach to the mobile market is much different than some of today’s most successful OEMs; it’s an approach I’m sure more tech fans wouldn’t mind other companies would adopt. In any case, this device is still plenty good in a market so focused on QHD screens and insane processors.

Enough about that. How dang small does this device feel now that we’re used to 5-inch beasts? I mean, the screen size of this phone is still fairly large, but the device footprint is pretty small by today’s standards. If you’ve used a Note device or any of this year’s big flagships, the phone above can definitely be considered small. That’s a scary thought.

Last week’s Guess the Phone was the Motorola Razr.