I don’t think there’s any company out there more people are rooting for to make a comeback. We’ve seen signs of a comeback before—there have been flashes. But this year looks like the year it’ll finally make a statement, the year it will finally prove it still has something to give.

And even if it doesn’t make a full on comeback, at least this company’s new device will help push the mobile market forward. And, hey, more variety is better as far as fans are concerned.

This company’s device (not the one above) will actually be the most difficult to review all year. Companies this year have followed a pretty predictable path, releasing small variations of the same phone. This device, however, is different. If you know what phone I’m talking about, I don’t have to tell you why.

I can’t wait to see the device in person and spend a significant amount of time using it. I’m not part of its target audience, but it’s still fun to try new things, and I never really got to try this company’s phones when it was at the top of its game.

Stay tuned, because I know I’m not the only one who feels we’re going to see some big things from this company over the next few months.