Among the market’s more recognizable designs—original iPhone, anything BlackBerry—this is one of those devices that sticks out. It’s a gigantic, hefty, a sturdy savage with a Ferrari red paint job. One peek and you instantly know what it is—or you know one of its brothers or cousins. It was the complete opposite of the black rectangles that flooded the market at the time. You probably wanted one out of sheer curiosity, but it was doomed from the start.

But it tried; it tried so hard. Even months after its release, it’s still a lovely object to look at, a classic beauty of polished edges. It had a much-hyped camera, and a durability so rugged you were scared it would destroy your coffee table; the thing was heavier than a newborn. And that’s perhaps as good as analogy as ever for this phone. You wanted to look at it, hold it, care for it. But it was a lot of dang work.

It’s just too bad it never became popular. Future revisions never will. Competitors are just too good, and too strong.

The most recent Guess the Phone was the HTC Vivid.