I can’t believe this little thing used to be a phone. How do you even hold it up to your ear? It’s tiny! No bigger than a rock you’d skip across a pond. It’s funny to see how dramatically the landscape has changed in such a short amount of time. I mean, there are phones similar to this one on the market, but a device this size just wouldn’t fly today. It looks like a big phone had a baby.

Confession: I had no idea what this phone was when it was brought in. I had never seen it, and knew nothing about it. Zero. If I saw it in the wild I’d think it was a little toy for kids. It’s so cute and little and funky. But it was a real thing, and a real head scratcher, too. This phone actually isn’t that old; I mean, yeah, it came out about 5 years ago, but the iPhone was out by then and someone still thought this was a good idea.

The thing about the phone, however, is that people loved the OS. It wasn’t Android, and it wasn’t Windows Phone; it was something else, something that met an unfortunate, untimely demise. I was reading a review of this device and it’s fun to see what people thought when it came out. We’re spoiled with the quality of smartphones today, and a device like this gives us perspective of that fact. For it’s time it might have been fun and unique. But, wow, today? Not so much.

The most recent Guess the Phone was the HTC Incredible.