This is by far the most recognizable phone that’s graced the mobile market. Ever. The entire market. Even someone that doesn’t closely follow technology knows the name and company that made this phone. Some, even today, believe this is/was the best phone, period. No question. Smartphones are good and all, but this? Better. Imagine how you felt in high school sliding it into your pocket; it’s like it wasn’t even there. This was cool encapsulated in an aluminum body.

It was revolutionary, etc., etc. Nobody in their right mind that owns a smartphone would use it as their daily driver today. But back then? It was the phone of choice by pretty much every human. Its form factor today is pretty much obsolete because it just doesn’t make sense anymore. But it still feels excellent in the hand, sturdy, confident, unbreakable, remembered forever in the annals of mobile history.

The brand is still alive today, though it’s not exactly thriving. That might change soon—the company has been unusually quiet for almost a year now, but the beast will soon awaken. In many respects the company that made this mysterious device is still attempting to record from its own early success. As it knows all too well, lightning doesn’t strike twice. Not when you’re suddenly being thrust out of the spotlight by those dang smartphones—and some feature phones.

Does grandma have trouble figuring out what email is? That’s ok, because she’s probably heard—maybe even used—of this device. The thing about it is that many current smartphone owners probably have one tucked away in a draw somewhere; it’s one of those things you just don’t throw away. Why would you? If you have one hiding away, take it out, hold it, admire its history, what it achieved. Notice its distinguished chin. That’s the chin of a successful handset.

You’ve guessed what it is already, I know it. Taking pictures of it with other handsets was my feeble attempt to throw you guys off. But you’re smarter than that. So far, many readers have guessed each phone we’ve featured on our new series. Out of the five previous we’ve done, this is the easiest by far. I said that last week, but this is even more recognizable. Last week’s Guess the Phone, by the way, was the Palm Pre.