This is about the time everyone was taking interest in the smartphone market. When we started to get a glimpse of what was to come in the future. When you stop and think about where we are today—Quad HD displays, incredible cameras, quad-core processors—it’s funny to see a device like the one above and just admire what companies are capable of doing.

Not that the device above wasn’t good, because it was. But that was the old way of doing things, a bit of the old school trying to figure out how to welcome the new. There’s the occasional new device with the form factor you see above, but by and large we’ve given in to the all-touch design.

I won’t even bother sharing some of the specs of this phone, because by now you’ve probably figured it out. Wait, I will say that this had a 1500mAh battery and 64MB of internal storage—that’s all I’ll say. This company is still around today, but it is putting out devices much, much different from the one you see above. Much different.

When devices like the one above were first coming out, I wanted one so bad. I thought the physical keyboard was awesome, and thought I would look like a fancy executive. I am not a fancy executive.