It wasn’t long ago when everyone owned a flip phone—back when N’Sync was still together and there was no such thing as Breaking Bad. The market today is a long ways away from where it was—as with everything—to the point where it’s almost embarrassing to own something so ancient (seniors get a pass). Smartphones are everywhere; it’s become unfathomable to think of life without one. Imagine switching back to a flip phone and actually calling someone. Yuck. I don’t miss T9 one bit, that’s for sure.

The funny thing about flip phones is that some people today don’t have any concept of using them—that’s just how incredibly popular and widely accessible smartphones are today. Just like I have no comprehension of using a pay phone, kids born after a certain year have never had the displeasure of being stuck with a device that is really of little use; make a call, text and that’s it—no email! Today people have access to the Internet, apps, and incredible features and specs. We’re more than spoiled.

That’s not to say flip phones don’t hold a special place in the mobile pantheon. If you don’t have a fond memory of using one, chances are a parent or someone you know does (and might still own one). My mom has a handful of flip phones just sitting in drawers, relics of a past life that actually wasn’t all that long ago. What memories do you have using a flip phone?

Last week’s Guess the Phone was the BlackBerry Storm.