It wasn’t that this device was bad. But it seemed to exist just because, like the company was merely filling a void it felt needed to be filled. And that seemed to put a lot of people off. It was a decision made purely for the sake of business, and not in the interest of consumers. From that perspective, it wasn’t quite the success it could have been. That’s a shame, too, because the build quality is excellent, and it toyed with some fun ideas.

So, then, it seems the company has a renewed vigor about a follow up after a long spell on the sidelines. It appears a dynamic duo product cycle will emerge in early March, giving fans of this company two distinct flagships to choose from; one we’ve been hearing about for weeks now, and the other has only just begun to flood rumor channels. There hasn’t been much info, but from what we’ve heard, the device will definitely be something to keep an eye on.

As for the device you see above; it was notable for a few reasons, and it was actually an improvement in some ways over its smaller brother. For one, it featured expandable storage, and it came with a much larger (but still non-removable) battery, which is a staple of these larger phones. It did, however, come with what were considered watered-down specs at the time, giving it an unfavorable perception from the get-go.

It also didn’t quite execute one of its bigger features, either, and instead tried introducing its own method that was inferior to the alternatives. It happens; an idea on paper doesn’t always translate to real-world use. It appears the company has learned from these mistakes, and is ready to re-introduce the world to this beast of a phone. If it looks anything like the old one, I’m all for it.

Last week’s Guess the Phone was the Pantech Discover.