Inspired by our own Brandon Russell’s “Guess the Phone” series, we’re taking a crack at “Guess the Game.”

Games are easier, I think, so we’re going to try and ride the line between easy and challenging. We don’t want to pick some crazy obscure title that no one has ever played, but we also don’t want to roll out here with Modern Warfare and call it a day.

So, we’ll start with a game that’s probably easier than it should be. In fact, the title of this post, “this is too easy,” is actually a quote from this game.

This one was creepy. It packed an amazing art style, stands as one of the best on its platform and has a loving cult following. It’s not a game for everyone, but those who give it a fair shake typically wind up in love.

It also sports a ridiculous control scheme, so there’s that.

What is it, then? Go on …