This company is no stranger to the smartwatch market. In fact, over the past few years alone, it has been among the most productive in this growing market segment, putting out several not-quite-so-successful wearables. For a while we thought the company was going to throw in the towel. Boy were we wrong.

Even though we knew the company had a new wearable up its sleeve, its brand new smartwatch was still a pleasant surprise. And you know what? It might wind up being the top smartwatch all year, which is saying a lot considering the caliber of wearables that were announced at IFA this past week.

The device you see below made headlines for all the wrong reasons, and seemed to exist merely because it could, not because it needed to. But lesson learned—now the company is back with some terrific ideas, and an execution that has people who have seen the device buzzing, including our own Todd Haselton.

Maybe growing pains like the one below are what a company needs in order to evolve. It also proves that just when you think a company has no real ideas or direction, surprises are still possible.