I wonder how much, due to our insatiable thirst for the latest specs, we are influencing the current tablet landscape. I mean, it used to be people wanted big tablets, then they were shrunk down to teeny-tiny devices. Now it seems like, because of the big phone trend, the sweet spot is somewhere in the medium 8- to 9-inch range.

That said, I wonder if we’ve seen the last of the truly cheap, small tablets, especially given the recent rumors. The device above, which has become a reliable and affordable staple in the tablet market, might be something completely different in the future. That might partly be down to the current landscape, and partly due to other similar devices on the market.

We will supposedly find out what this device’s successor has in-store in just a few days. I have a feeling it’ll be great, but also signal the end of the affordable tablet era. Of course, there are still some relatively cheap devices out there, but this could always be counted on as one of the cheapest. All signs indicate that’s about to change.

Last week’s Guess the Phone was the Nexus 5.