Following this week’s event, and the unveiling of this guy, I thought, Hey, why don’t I use the other gadget that also runs this company’s software? (I’m being purposely vague, you see, because you’re supposed to GUESS.) Then I realized: Oh, yeah, there’s no Amazon Prime access, and while that doesn’t make this gadget completely useless in my home, it’s still not quite as good as the device I was using already.

That’s not to say I won’t find use out of this guy. I’ve already used it to watch a ton of YouTube videos on my TV. (Really, I should just get a Chromecast and get it over with.) And I absolutely love the voice search and whole UX. Really intuitive, and really beautiful. I wish I could take everything from this device and move it over to my Roku, and get the ultimate streaming device 2K15. But that won’t ever happen. I’ll just have to use both devices and put up with it (boo-hoo).

I’m surprised this company didn’t spend much time talking about its living room efforts this past week. Makes you wonder if the company has a clear vision of where it wants to go; if it does, it’s sure taking its sweet time. Anyway, this thing is about as unassuming as a device can get, sitting there under my TV like some monster coaster. You hardly notice it’s there, kinda. I’m still on the fence about it.

With Amazon Prime, I’ve gotten much more used to viewing content through there, so I think this device will merely complement what I have setup already, rather than replace the system I had before. If that makes sense. It’s hard to be specific and vague at the same time in situations like these.