Comic-con just wrapped up. We had a great time at the show and even have a massive gallery of pictures you should check out. Awesome costumes, movie trailers and hungry zombies all surfaced last week, but today AT&T shared some numbers on the network usage it noticed during the show. The stats are so incredible we figured we had to share with you.

In total, Comic-Con attendees gobbled up 12,135GB of data. AT&T said that's roughly 34.6 million social media posts including photos. To put that in perspective, AT&T's data network served 8,520GB of data last year, 4,960GB of data in 2012 and just 2,020GB of data in 2011. Meanwhile, there was also a lot of chatter going back and forth at the same time. AT&T said that attendees chatted for a total of 1,573,000 minutes during the show. Thanks to the power of Google, we just learned that's roughly 3 years of talk time, all in just a few days.

AT&T said it was able to serve the attendees thanks to the deployment of a Super Cell on Light Truck (COLT) and a Super Cell on Wheels (COW), which we've covered in the past. The trucks are capable of doubling the single beam antennas that are usually in use. Were you at the show? How was AT&T's performance? Let us know!