Guacamelee is the most recent game to catch onto the trend that Mexican Lucha libre is totally amazing. Street Fighter IV brought it to our attention with the popularity of El Fuerte, and now the indie market is running away with it.

Masked heroes, masked villains, insane wrestling moves, de-masking only at a retirement ceremony. It's a country and culture video games have ignored for far too long, and hopefully more will come if Guacamelee becomes a hit.

I hate to use the term, but for lack of anything better, Guacamelee is a self-described "Metroidvania" beat 'em up with a flare for art, music, and atmosphere from south of the border. Along with his arsenal of Greco-Roman maneuvers and holds, our masked protagonist can also switch up the environment, phasing platforms in and out of use.

While exciting as it may sound, this mechanic has been used a little too much recently in my mind. Outland and Mighty Switch Force come to mind. But don't let that complaint stop you because Guacamelee is bound to be one of the more exciting PSN releases this year.

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Guacamelee will be available for both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on April 9th. It will be sold for $14.99 exclusively through the PlayStation store.