Get it!? HOW COOL IT IS! I need to go back to sleep.

I also now have another excuse to update my gaming rig a bit more and snap up the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. Don’t worry, it’ll only be the third time I’ve purchased the game in two years, and I’m definitely not salty about that fact at all.

I digress. This mod is really neat. user ECB2 uploaded this “Snow in GTA: Online” mod yesterday. The bad news? The mod is currently broken. Rockstar patched the game up and that made this mod incompabitle, though users are hoping ECB2 both updates the mod to work with the patch and to work in single player offline.

I’d love to see it for offline play as well, especially since there’s a lot of inherent risk with taking modded games online with Rockstar. Even GTA5-Mods has massive warnings plastered below the download links for this mod.

Warning! GTA V modding is in its early stages, and the repercussions of playing GTA: Online with a modded game are not yet known. Using mods online may lead to getting banned – use at your own risk.

Still, this is cool. Maybe Rockstar will take note and let players toggle on the snow. I doubt it, but that’s what the modding community is for.