Script Hook V appears to be the first native trainer released for Grand Theft Auto V on the PC. It was produced by GTA Forums user Alexander Blade, and you can find a link to his instructions and the download here.

What is Script Hook V? It’s a trainer that essentially lets users tweak and change a massive host of in-game variables for Grand Theft Auto V while playing. You can see it in action at the head of this post. Don’t worry, it automatically switches off as soon as you head to GTA Online. As long as Rockstar doesn’t worry about single player game modification, this one shouldn’t result in a ban.

Though, be careful. Rockstar hasn’t gone on the record regarding their treatment towards modders offline or online yet, so we don’t really know how they’re going to view any of this.

You’ll be able to change gravity, move around the time of day, teleport, turn into all sorts of animals or characters, use explosive ammo and change the weather. It’s actually pretty diverse and awesome.

Another day, another Grand Theft Auto V mod. I need to just pony up the scratch and get this game on PC. If only Rockstar would fully commit to supporting mods, the community for it would explode overnight. I want that.