Rockstar has released a new trailer for the 10th Anniversary edition of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City set to hit iOS and Android next week. The clip brings with it loads of "I can't believe this was 10 years ago" and "man, games have changed."

A little warning for those watching at work: the trailer contains language one would expect from a Grand Theft Auto game. Put on some headphones or watch it at home.

Android and iOS users will be able to download Grand Theft Auto: Vice City starting on December 6th. That's exactly one week from today. The title will cost $4.99 at launch. If you can wait a few months and a couple bucks makes a difference to you, Rockstar tends to put these things on sale every once in a while.

Click here to head to an article where we broke down which devices will be supported by the game.

Who plans on picking this one up?