Now that Grand Theft Auto V has hit the PC platform, the gaming world is getting a great look at what Rockstar is capable of on top-tier hardware. The results? They’re awesome.

Here we have a video from YouTube channel wiliextreme that shows the game with all sorts of settings flipped, toggled, set to minimum as well as maxed. If you like this sort of thing (I do, because I’m a dork), then this is a great clip.

What you should totally keep in mind here is that this video was uploaded to YouTube. YouTube tends to do some odd things to clips in the uploading and processing departments, so this comparison likely looks even better when running on the original rig.

My PC is getting rather dated, and I’m not even sure I’d be able to run the normal version of Grand Theft Auto V at a consistent 60fps. I’ll tell you this, though, if I hadn’t already played through GTA V twice in two years, I’d be strongly thinking about building a new rig and snagging this game in order to play at ultra settings. It’s gorgeous.

For the PC gamers among us: have you picked up Grand Theft Auto V? What do you think about how it looks?

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