For years, fans of Grand Theft Auto V have long held on to a theory claiming aliens are in the game.

Sure, there are plenty of Easter eggs that reveal UFOs, but never has the game featured alien life (unless you count Michael De Santa’s weird hallucination). It’s a mystery players have been trying to solve since the game was released, spawning countless theories and hundreds of hours of investigation.

Well, thanks to the latest Gunrunning update to GTA Online, aliens have unofficially shown up in the game at long last.

Modders of Team Guru have apparently found a way to dig into the code of the most recent update and activate an unofficial mission that requires players to capture an alien egg, after which they come into contact with extraterrestrials.

As Kotaku notes, the mission is a bit underwhelming and doesn’t deviate very far from Grand Theft Auto’s tried and true formula. Which is: Arrive at a location, steal an item, shoot enemies, and repeat.

Even still, after years of searching, people who theorized aliens are in the game have been vindicated. Although, I would have suspected there be a big single-player DLC that would introduce aliens to the world of Los Santos, rather than an unofficial mission found in an online update.

It’s unclear if the mission will be part of a future update, or if Rockstar decided to abandon whatever it was working on. You can watch the mission above.

On another note, popular GTA V modding tool, OpenIV, is once again back in business after a cease and desist from Take-Two.