Rockstar announced yesterday that it would be offering three highly praised and loved entries in the Grand Theft Auto franchise through Apple’s App Store. This is the OS X App Store, not the iOS App Store, to be clear. The games being offered are Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Grand Theft Auto III is available starting today, August 18th. Vice City and San Andreas will be releasing on “August 25th and September 1st, respectively,” according to the press release. Each game will be priced at $14.99, which, if you’ve ever witnessed the scale of a GTA title, is cheap.

While I cannot speak towards the quality of Grand Theft Auto III (one of the only in the franchise that I actually skipped), I will say that both Vice City and San Andreas are absolutely incredible. Vice City has one of the greatest compilation soundtracks in all of gaming, as far as I’m concerned.

San Andreas? Look, if you drop the $14.99 on September 1st for San Andreas, it may actually be the only game you need to buy this holiday season. The scale of the title is enormous. San Andreas itself, the fictional blend of the South Western region of the United States, is nearly 14 square miles in size. Within that space, there is a seemingly endless amount of stuff to do. If you love variety and size when it comes to basic gameplay principles, then Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a perfect title to check out.

But, really, these are the Grand Theft Auto games that basically redefined the principles of open-world design. They were built by Rockstar, they pack the same unique characters and great storylines that you’re used to from the studios and publisher. If you’ve ever been curious about the GTA experience from the early 2000s, and you’re a Mac owner, step right up.

For veterans of the franchise: which is your favorite GTA? Vice City and The Ballad of Gay Tony round out my top list.