I've funded plenty of RPGs and platformers through Kickstarter, but now I am finally ready to hype a racing game. Caged Element has just launched its campaign for its combat heavy racer GRIP, and it is looking for $657,000… in Canadian money.

That comes to about $500,000 in USD.

Caged Element pulls its inspiration from the finest branch, looking at the classic PlayStation racer Rollcage for ideas. GRIP is of course very combat-heavy, but it sets itself apart with its car design. These weaponized vehicles sport tires that extend beyond the body of the car, allowing them to flip and drive on the ceiling.

Don't question the physics.

GRIP also sports the Unreal Engine 4 which gives it an air of professional design beyond most indie games. 28 days left, so be sure to check it out. This one is the real deal.