It would take a lot to get me back into the racing genre now that Burnout is no longer in the picture. However, Grip just might be the game to do it if it ever gets fully developed.

Developer Caged Element has just put the game up on Steam Greenlight and has announced that a Kickstarter campaign will further get the ball rolling in the coming weeks.

“We’re looking for help on Kickstarter to grow our team and get this game fully developed, so please help us out if you can.We want to create the most bombastic weapons ever seen in a game like this, and with this we welcome input from the community. You help us design them, and we’ll bring them to life.”

Why do I feel the rush for this? Well, apart from the jaw-dropping trailer Caged Element debuted its game with, Grip is also supposed to act as a successor to my favorite PSOne racing game, Rollcage, published by the legendary Sony studio Psygnosis. Yes, the cars in that game featured guns as well, but more importantly, they came equipped with wheels that extended beyond the physical make up of the car, effectively allowing players to drive while their car was flipped or seamlessly drive on the ceiling.

Toss in some destructible buildings and outrageous physics, and it was just an incredible racing game. I played the demo at least 200 times back when I was younger, and the full game was even better. Come to think of it, why aren’t these games on PSN?

Well, they might not have to be if Grip proves to be a success. I haven’t thrown my support behind a racing game on Kickstarter yet, but consider it done! Can’t wait to see more.