Remote controlled helicopters are one of those things I've always had a fascination with. Now Griffin is adding my smartphone obsession into the mix with its new iOS-powered helicopter.

The Helo TC is a touch-controlled helicopter that can be operated from an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. In order use the copter you'll have to dock your iOS device into a "flight deck" that transfers infrared signals to the helicopter. You can use the screen on your device to fly, or use your device's accelerometer and "tilt-to-fly" to control a flight. The Helo TC app can also store up to 3 flights plans or "launching flying-attacks on unsuspecting friends and family"

For those of you up on helicopter specs:

– Average flight time – approx. 8 minutes
– PolyLithium Fuel Cell – 3.7V @ 180 mAh
– Flight Deck Controller Sled powered by 4 AAA batteries
– Recommended for pilots aged 14 and up
– Suitable for use indoors only – Helo TC app is a free download from the iTunes App Store; iOS 4.0 required.

The Helo TC is expected to be available in stores around Christmas for $50.

What do you think about remote-controlled toys that use your smartphone to control them? Do you like the idea, or would you rather have a dedicated controlled for your toy instead?