The first exciting thing to come out of the Expo is a pair of gameplay videos from GRID 2, Codemasters' stylish racer. Both videos, labeled as pre-alpha code, are in-game footage from the bonnet-cam perspective. While the video of Chicago racing after the cut isn't terribly exciting, the California Coast video above is already looking good despite being very early. Some of GRID's best moments were one-on-one point-to-point races.

When the first teaser dropped about a month and a half ago, Eurogamer reported on Codemasters' decision to leave out cockpit view. As we noted back then, a number of developers have supported the decision, and the time and money saved in avoiding the cockpit view would likely be substantial. Fans are persistent, though. Already in the comments for both videos are committed fans continuing to demand the return of cockpit-view driving. Codemasters has yet to respond to fans, but turning about on this particular issue seems unlikely.