Earth Day is this Friday (4/22). As a tribute to good old mother earth we're going to take this week to tell you about some of our favorite green tech. Have a green gadget you're crazy about? Tell us about it in the comments below!

nPower PEG Personal Energy Generator

The nPower PEG uses kinetic energy to charge hand-held electronics like your smartphone, MP3 player, or portable gaming system. The PEG is about the size of a water bottle, and charges by moving around with you. What that means, is you could put the PEG in your bookbag or purse, walk around all day, and then be able to use the charger to power your phone later in the afternoon. If you're stranded somewhere and don't have power, shaking the PEG will also give you energy, allowing you to power a dead phone to make an emergency call.

The nPower PEG officially went on sale in September of 2010. I was actually able to check it out at CES this year and was pretty impressed with the concept. It's meant to be a backup battery rather than your main power source, so you're not going chat all day with it – it would be killer to have on you, however, in situations like camping where you might run into trouble and not have an easy way to charge up your phone, or even your jams for the rest of your hike. The device can also be charged using the USB port on your computer, so you always leave home with a PEG full of juice.

The nPower PEG Personal Energy Generator is available now (although currently backordered) for $159, and comes with a cable to connect the device of your choice to the generator.

What do you think about the nPower PEG? Could you see yourself using it? Anyone already have one?