Whelp, I guess this is probably what Nintendo wanted. I want all of my games on the Switch. Thanks to the shrinking free time I have each day, I can only really drop an hour or two on gaming. Thank goodness for my time on the train to and from work, friends.

Where’s that time going right now? My Nintendo Switch. It’s the nature of the train and needing the flexibility to play my games wherever I want. If I want Zelda on the TV, the Switch affords me that opportunity. If I need to take it with me only my daily commute, the Switch can do that, too.

When I first read about the idea for the Nintendo Switch, I sort of got it. I could see myself hopping in and out of home and portable play with the system. But, honestly, that marketing never really resonated with me in the same way the actual real world use does.

That actual real world use? My goodness, it’s a thing of beauty. Sure, the Nintendo Switch isn’t going to set the world on fire with its graphical prowess, and it suffers when it comes to battery life. Though, the four or so hours I get on Zelda is plenty with charges at my desk and at home every couple of days. The Nintendo Switch isn’t perfect.

But, it’s good enough to make me want more. I want Nintendo games. I want Mario, Zelda, Metroid (enough already, Nintendo) and Animal Crossing (my goodness, can you imagine!?) on the Nintendo Switch. But, I want everything else, too.

I see a trailer for an indie game or an adventure title, and I think, “I wish they were making that for the Switch.” I consider the upcoming Uncharted stuff, and I sort of wish I could play it on the train just as I can at home. I see games like Red Dead Redemption 2, the sequel to a title that ate hundreds and hundreds of hours of my life, and I wish I could play it on my commute.

Growing up, I wished I could take my SNES and Sega with me everywhere. Sega had the battery chomping Nomad that let players take Sega games on the go, but the portable tech wasn’t good enough to keep the trend going. So, I sort of let the dream die like everyone else.

I love my Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita, but they rarely present “console experiences” on a handheld screen. The Nintendo Switch does.

Nintendo made me remember the problems of my youth, that wanting to take Zelda everywhere, and then they gave me my solution, all in one swoop. Now I want every game to ride this portable and home console line, and that’s going to be super disappointing for me if Nintendo can’t attract third party developers.