My second day of Tokyo Game Show 2015 is here, and I have yet another HD remake of a cult classic I only have limited experience with. Yesterday was Odin Sphere, today is Gravity Rush. The PS Vita crowd loves this game, and now after my demonstration, I am more eager than ever to dedicate some time to it.

If you are a newcomer to this title, like me, it has a really interesting premise. You play as a young woman blessed with gravity-defying powers. She lives in an open city where people ask for aid in situations where this height defying ability would come in handy. From there, she stumbles into fights, soars through the sky at awkward angles, and turns every surface into a potential ground.

She can also cause objects to revolve around her, including people! I sent quite a few to their deaths, lifting them over the fence of the floating city.

Combat is really fun in this game, using both standard melee attacks and aerial charge moves sparked by her ability to dash through the air at any angle. Defeating enemies and collecting gems improves her skills as well, pretty standard fare for an action game in this day and age.

The gems scattered through the free-roaming city mostly remind me of Crackdown of all games, another wonderful title that defies all gravity laws.

Sorry I can’t speak to any improvements over the Vita version, but it is a fine looking game with a great sense of style. It felt natural for a console experience as well, so it can very well be enjoyed both on the road and from a couch.

I’m looking forward to playing it, but maybe I don’t have to wait that long if the Vita version is already on my handheld. I’ll blast through it once the review season is over.