Gravity Rush currently stands as one of the best PS Vita exclusives released. It’s a unique IP in an interesting world with great visuals, compelling gameplay, a solid story and a wonderful main character. For good reason, most PS Vita owners love it.

Now, much like Tearaway, it looks like a once PS Vita exclusive might be on its way to the PlayStation 4 as a remaster. Gravity Rush Remaster was spotted on the Korean Ratings Board for video games. It’s rated 12+, and the platform that runs alongside its name is the PlayStation 4. Here’s a screenshot, but you’ll notice the game and platform names in English towards the upper-left.

Gravity Rush on Korean Ratings Board

Appearance on a country’s ratings board doesn’t always confirm the existence of a game, but I’ll say that we seem to see the accidental reveals of games in this manner on almost a monthly basis. One ratings board or another consistently outs titles before companies are ready to announce them, and that may be the case for Gravity Rush on the PlayStation 4.

Or, this could just be a minor database hiccup that too many people on places like NeoGAF have noticed. I’m not really ready to put money on either possibility, but I know that I’d love a chance to play Gravity Rush again. On my television in 1080p at 60fps? Yes, please.

We’ll have more on this rumor as it comes.