I’m still a bit of a newbie when it comes to Sony’s Gravity Rush, so bare with me while I try to make sense of this all. The cult-PS Vita hit had a sequel announced at Tokyo Game Show 2015 for the PlayStation 4, and now that the convention has all wrapped up, Sony has a bit more information on the story and character details.

The Aerial City of Hekseville is under massive reconstruction after events which may or may not have happened at the conclusion of the first game. Our heroine, Kat, is called in to investigate a gravitational disturbance, but she is sucked through a portal and winds up in the remote Banga Village. Separated from her gravity cat Dusty, she can no longer use her reality busting powers, and she works difficult odd jobs while figuring out a way to return.

While digging up ores working with Syd, the pair uncover a deadly race of monsters called “black insect” by  the locals, and this discovery sends her on yet another mission. In addition to Syd and Kat, Raven also returns to Gravity Rush 2, staring as Kat’s apprehensive partner.

Gravity Rush 2 will launch for the PlayStation 4. No release window has been announced yet.