Sony has confirmed that the latest in its fan-favorite cult series Gravity Rush will be released in all major regions this coming holiday season. Just remember, Gravity Rush 2 will be exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and not for the PS Vita like its predecessor.

Europeans will be the first to soar through the air with Kat with a release on Nov. 30. Japan joins in next on Dec. 1 followed by North America last on Dec. 2. Pre-order bonuses for North America, which open up on Aug. 2, will include outfits for our leading ladies as well as a “select soundtrack,” which includes nine tracks of the game’s excellent music.

If you’ve never played Gravity Rush, think of it as one of the few franchises that carries on the spirit of hardcore Japanese action games. Flashy moves, outlandish mechanics, big on imagination and a sense of style that resonates with the Devil May Crys and Bayonettas of the world. Take those ideas and cram it into an open-world that doesn’t have all the tedious annoyances of most modern world maps.

Gravity Rush… There’s nothing quite like it.

In addition to the game, Sony also confirmed that it is working with animation studio Studio Khara to make Gravity Rush The Animation: Overturea 3D CG animated film that will bridge the gaps between the first and second games. The film will only run 15-20 minutes, so expect it to wind up on streaming sites and possibly Sony’s YouTube channel.

Gravity Rush 2 will launch for the PlayStation 4 on Dec. 2.