Gravity Rush 2

Here's a sequel that I thought we had lost. The PS Vita's Gravity Rush was an early hit on Sony's handheld. It has been a headline of the Instant Game Collection since the program started in 2012, and it's become something of a cult-hit over the years.

Naturally, this means lots of people want a sequel! Indeed, one was announced in 2013 at the Tokyo Game Show, but we have yet to see anything substantial materialize regarding it. Many believe that the game has been lost with the losing traction of the PS Vita on the market, but speaking with Dengeki PlayStation, Director Keiichiro Toyama has confirmed that "[t]he new title is in earnest development."

Sounds like the PR used whenever Sony remotely mentions The Last Guardian. What exactly does "earnest" mean here?

I've gone for a few minutes with Gravity Rush, but have yet to put any substantial time into it. As with most games from the Instant Game Collection, it quickly disappeared into my backlog, replaced by games I dropped actual money on. Maybe if I dropped the $13.49 Sony is asking for this week on it, that might give me more incentive to finally crank it out.

I have too many games lined up to play through this winter vacation though, mostly of the Suikoden and Parasite Eve brand. We'll see if I can squeeze it in.