I stumbled across this trailer on three or four different news outlets now, and each of them boiled down to the same two points:

  1. This trailer is off the chain and easily one of the best things Sony has at the convention
  2. Sony neglecting to show this off on the big stage should be a crime against humanity.

Yes, the Internet is collectively and universally calling out Sony for keeping Gravity Rush 2 on the hush-hush. The fan-favorite original garnered a dedicated following on the Vita, and the leap to the PlayStation 4 finally delivered the popularity that this series deserves.

Now, with a full-fledged sequel and everything, fans don’t want to see this budding series be shown the back door before its time is up. Watch the trailer, make the game a hit! You wont be disappointed.

Gravity Rush 2 launches for the PlayStation 4 sometime in 2016.