Fans of the PS Vita cult-hit Gravity Rush are getting a double dose of support from Sony next year. The video game publisher confirmed that Gravity Rush Remastered would hit the North American market on Feb. 9 back at TGS 2015, and the long-awaited Gravity Rush 2 now also has an official North American release in the works.

Not bad for a series not too many know about. No, it’s not the PS Vita release many wanted, but that ship sailed a long time ago, I think.

No date was provided for the sequel over at PlayStation Blog, but Sony did publish two new gameplay videos, one of which was shown off at its Paris Games Week press conference.

As you can plainly see, Gravity Rush 2 stars a pair of ladies who can manipulate the power of gravity in multiple ways. They can turn it off with the snap of their fingers, causing them to soar sky high to normally unreachable heights, and just as easily, they can summon it back and turn their bodies into plummeting bullets. The mechanic provides plenty of chances for exploration and experimentation in combat.

Fans also dig the storytelling and slick art style, and the series just has a bit of that niche Japanese appeal that doesn’t appear on consoles so much these days. Again, it’s not a Vita release, but the PlayStation 4 is kind of dry in that niche department at the moment. This is the best place for Gravity Rush 2.

Gravity Rush Remastered launches on the PlayStation 4 on Feb. 9 for $29.99, and Gravity Rush 2 will be coming as well but at a much later date. We’ll let you know when we know.