Rochard is a downloadable action game with a blend of adventure and physics-based puzzle elements from Recoil Games for the PlayStation 3. The property was announced back in February of this year by way of press release from Sony. It was then that the details of the adventure itself were discussed.

Rochard follows the story of the humble astro-miner John Rochard. John and his mining team accidently discover an ancient structure hidden deep in an asteroid, thus proving mankind isn’t alone in the universe. Soon after, his team goes missing without a trace and John finds himself stranded on the asteroid. To make matters worse, space pirates attack the mine, and John quickly realizes there are surprising and dangerous forces at work, determined to use the mysterious discovery for their own sinister means and eliminate John and his friends along the way. Using only his wits, everyday mining tools and a healthy dose of sarcasm, John must fend off the pirates, save his team and solve the mystery behind his discovery.

This 2D side-scroller in a 3D world has finally launched. And, judging by the trailer above alone, we can’t help but feel some sort of connection between Rochard and Shadow Complex. They both seem to be 2D side-scrollers modeled on nice gunplay and exploration, while Rochard appears to deliver a much sillier take on the genre.

If this game has it where it counts, like Shadow Complex did, then it’s definitely worth a look. So far, it’s received largely positive reviews from critics around the net, as Recoil indicates on their PlayStation.Blog post.

The demo is up on the PlayStation Store right now, as well. If you’re digging the style and concept as much as I am, this one will probably live up to the act of reaching out and grabbing a free trial.