Activities like sexting or phone sex are nothing new to the mobile world, particularly among young tech-savvy adults. But are they fringe behaviors, or are they more common than one might think? seems to have the answer. A popular resource for online deals and discounts, the website ran a mobile usage survey recently and found some interesting statistics among young adult users.

The participants numbered 2,673 camera/smartphone users, ranging in age from 18- to 30-years-old. Here’s what they found:

  • 57% said they have sent graphic pics via a smartphone
  • 31% sent them to a significant other
  • 5% sent accidentally to a total stranger. (Uh, where in the world did the remaining 21% go?)
  • Of those that sent graphic photos, 62% were under the influence of alcohol at the time
  • 37% of them did it because they missed their significant others, while slightly less than half just did it to impress them
  • Nearly one-third of all respondents had phone sex via vid chat
  • 26% were turned on by it
  • 19% consider vid sex the next-best thing to actual sex
  • 11% say they did it because they’re in a long-distance relationship

Given the source, it’s reasonable to assume the approach wasn’t very scientific. And we all know people tend to lie on surveys anyway, to make themselves look good. But that might actually make this more striking. The figures alone are pretty big — if they’re just the tip of the iceberg, then it seems our young folk are pretty busy getting busy.

Do these statistics surprise you? Tell us if you think they’re actually greater/smaller in real life, or fairly spot-on.

[via ChipChick]