The Steam Database continues to drip and trickle out hints of upcoming games, and the newest duo is a pair of beloved classic JRPGs. Grandia and Lunar have both been spotted, and hopefully it won’t be long before owner Gungho Entertainment officially announces them.

If you remember, the publisher sent out a survey months ago asking which games its fans wanted to see from classic developer Game Arts’ library. It followed up the survey with the release of Grandia II Anniversary Edition, and those who cared jumped with glee. Meanwhile, the rest of the world continued to spin with indifference.

I’m probably correct in guessing that the original Grandia and the first Lunar game were the runners-up in the survey, because they are still popular with old-school fans to this day. Both are the brainchildren of the late game designer Takeshi Miyaji, one of the great unsung heroes of the genre. Both are fondly remembered for their innocence and genuinely classic style.

Grandia’s release should be easy to see coming since it’s a pretty straightforward JRPG without a complicated history. The only major decision comes from whether GungHo will retool the PlayStation version or the Saturn version into HD. Either way, we’re in for a treat.


It’s Lunar: Silver Star Story which is bound to cause GungHo a few headaches. That’s because this classic has been blessed with three remakes over the last two decades. The original game was released for the SEGA CD back in 1992, but the version most fans fell in love with was the PlayStation remake, Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete. This was the one that had that spiffy box and thick instruction manual thanks to legendary localization squad, Working Designs.

The Game Boy Advance port probably will be left ignored, but then there is the issue of the PSP release, Lunar: Silver Star Harmony. This release replaces the classic sprites with a bit more of a modern look and “streamlines” the game’s world by basically cutting a lot of content. Fans are split as to which is the best, and GungHo has some clearly difficult choices to make on who to please.

I’ll go ahead and say a definitive version in which all three major releases can be played would be best. That way everyone is happy, and we can finally rest secure knowing that Lunar’s legacy is safe in the archives of the PC gaming world.