Though it wasn’t revealed alongside the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the PC release of Grand Theft Auto V was planned from the beginning, according to an interview by PC Gamer with Rockstar North.

“We were always going to bring Grand Theft Auto V to PC. We planned from day one for a PC build and we made technical decisions based off the fact that we would be doing a PC version of the game,” the group said in the interview.

The team began work on the PC version early, but knew they had to focus on the less powerful systems to start with to ensure the game they were planning would work properly on those systems. Then, once attention turned to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, both those and the PC release saw the benefit of the shared architecture across all three.

Some elements that were developed with the PC version in mind – long before the new consoles had been announced – ended up helping with the development of those versions. Building out support for 64-bit processors and DirectX 11 and creating art at much higher resolutions than the previous generation of consoles could handle made the transition to the new consoles that much easier.

This approach, Rockstar says, is now defining the way they handle PC versions of their games. Rather than making a console game and porting it to PC, they’re building PC games alongside their console counterparts. Max Payne 3 was Rockstar’s first really good PC release, and it looks like Grand Theft Auto V will only be better. Now if they could just get around to remastering Red Dead Redemption for me, we’d be all set.

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