Forget the city, forget the mechanics, forget the dogs, forget the music, forget the cars and forget the inevitably good heists. Those things will be great, I’m sure. But they aren’t what has me so excited for Grand Theft Auto V after this brand new trailer.

It’s the heroes. The game features three protagonists: Trevor, Michael and Franklin. The trailer introduced the crew and made sure the crew introduced themselves to one another.

I know Rockstar can be funny with Grand Theft Auto, but this sort of 80s and 90s buddy crime feeling is not what I expected. That’s what this trailer felt like. It felt like a preview for the bad guys of the Lethal Weapon series of films. Complete with the synth-heavy music, the witty one-liners and the over-the-top car chases, the newest trailer for Grand Theft Auto V makes the game look more like a great movie than anything else.

I loved those movies, and I loved the characters in them. Rockstar’s great at making strong characters, but if they can deliver an action comedy film-like relationship between Trevor, Michael and Franklin with Grand Theft Auto V, I have a feeling we’re in for an amazing game.

Hopefully, the type of comradery and humor we saw between Rockstar’s newest trio in the trailer can be kept up for the entire span of what I assume will be a lenghty game. Over the course of 30 to 40 hours, personalities can wear incredibly thin. Imagine a 40 hour long Lethal Weapon… I’m not sure my brain could keep up.

What has you most excited about Grand Theft Auto V? The game is due for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 sometime in the Spring of 2013.

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